Organization chart


About our team

Planning Committee

  1. Formulation and implementation of the center's medium- to long-term operational policies.
  2. Development and operation of psychological education and preventive education programs.

General Consultation Unit

  1. Comprehensive referral service to all counseling and consulting services.
  2. Proposals for problem-solving and appropriate referrals to counseling services on and off campus.

Student Counseling Center

  1. Counseling services for students.
  2. Consultation services for faculty, staff, and parents.

Office for Mental Health Support

  1. Mental health consultations and psychiatric treatment for students and faculty/staff at the Health Center's Psychiatry Department (Hongo/Komaba/Kashiwa).
  2. Awareness-raising activities related to mental health.

Communication Support Room

  1. Consultations related to students' developmental disorders (autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), etc.).
  2. Active environmental adjustments.

Peer Support Room

  1. Organizing student volunteers as peer supporters to provide all-around peer support programs to students throughout the university.