What is the Student Counseling Center ?

Coping with stress during the outbreak of infectious diseases

It is normal that you feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during a crisis.
You may be a student who have just arrived in Tokyo, or your family or loved one back home might be having a difficult time.

Talking to someone you trust generally helps you reduce the stress. If you feel overwhelmed, or just want to talk to someone, please do not hesitate to contact the available services on campus.

UTokyo staff are here to help you go through this challenging situation.

■ International Student Support Room (email/zoom)
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese

■ Student Counseling Center (*Counseling by phone is available for the time being.)
Language: Japanese

Please also check UTokyo Website for International Student



■ 留学生支援室(メール、Zoom)

■ 学生相談所

こちらもご覧ください 留学生支援ウェブサイト


What is the Student Counseling Center ?

This is where students can receive counseling.
Student Counseling Center is there to help you overcome any stressful situations or psychological difficulties which may occur in your student life.
We deal with difficulties with motivation, relationships, or mental health and so on. In counseling we try to help you find the best way forward.

We also offer advisory service so you may help your friends and family.
We will refer you to doctors or specialists if necessary.

We have strict codes of confidentiality so there is no need to worry. Even if you feel your problem is trivial, we are pleased to help you.

Our service is available in Japanese. International Student Support Room(ISSR) offers services,including counseling service in English and Chinese, as well as in Japanese.
International Student Support Room(ISSR)

Please make an appointment in Japanese before coming to the Center.
Tel 03-5841-2516(Hongo) 04-7136-3714(Kashiwa) 03-5454-6186(Komaba)


(Hongo) 1st Floor of Prefabricated Research Building A next to the Daini Dining Hall).  “学生相談所(Gakusei-Soudansho)” which means the Student Counseling Center.



(Kashiwa) 117 Frontier Sciences, Environmental Studies [Map]

(Komaba) bldg.1 3F [Map]