Message from the Director


Director Shigetoshi Osano
Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Sosiology

The university is like a smaller version of our society. When you are studying, conducting research, or going about your business within the confines of a university, you may at times come upon difficulties that seem too much to handle by yourself. When faced with such situations, it is very important that you have someone you can talk to. In the past, it was relatively easy to find people we could talk to in our classrooms, departments, research labs, or workplace. But these days, the rapid development of various communication tools has actually made it more difficult to develop face-to-face relationships with the people around us. And so, we are building a stronger system for providing counseling and consultations within our university.

In April 2008, the Division for Counseling and Support was established under the direct control of the President’s office. This Division was set up to provide a better system of counseling and support not only for our students, but also the university’s academic and administrative staff. The Division for Counseling and Support offers the following services: the Student Counseling Centers (in Hongo and Kashiwa campuses), the Office for Mental Health Support, the Nandemo-Sodan (One-Stop Resources) Office, and a Communication Support Room. These offices work together with related facilities both in and outside of the university. The Division is run by a variety of people from different fields, such as clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and office staff, who work together to coordinate and enhance the counseling services that we provide, as well as to develop and operate psychological and preventive education programs, in addition to providing seminars and other programs to nurture the mental health of the students and staff. Particular emphasis is placed on fulfilling our responsibility to provide close support to the students. Until now, the previous Director, Motoo Furuta, had been leading these efforts, and in line with the policy for these activities, the Peer Support Room was newly established in April 2015 within the Division for Counseling and Support. Peer support activities will begin in the Komaba, Hongo and Kashiwa campuses to help maintain the minds and bodies of students through the process of supporting one another.

I ask for your understanding and support in these activities of the Division for Counseling and Support.